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Accelerate Your Career and Organization with:

CPE Leadership solutions!

"Empowering leaders to achieve their full potential and have a lasting impact on those around them!"

Our Company

At CPE Leadership Solutions, we partner with clients to provide world-class leadership coaching, consulting, and training. With a dedicated focus on leadership effectiveness, we emphasize the Constant Pursuit of Excellence” to drive both individual and organizational growth and evolution.

What We Do

Coaching: for leaders of every level (entry, mid, executive) with a 360-degree, "whole person" approach that combines elements of leadership, career, and life coaching into one unique offering.


Consulting: on leader development initiatives, organizational culture, change management, and succession planning.


Training: tailored to individual teams and departments on a variety of topics; also offering a six-month, cohort-based intensive for leaders called the R.I.S.E. Leadership Program.

Why We Do It

We believe in the power of relationships, positive intent, servant leadership, and pursuing excellence.


The pursuit of excellence requires a steadfast commitment to getting better each day.


Our Vision: A world where leadership excellence is the norm, not the exception.


Our Mission: To equip and empower people to achieve leadership excellence.

How We Do It

We provide leadership solutions that are well-researched, timely, and delivered with unparalleled passion, both in-person and virtually.


Our Commitment to You:

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   - Authenticity, integrity, and professionalism.

   - Honest and straight-forward communication at all times.

   - Excellence in the delivery of all solutions and services.

   - Discover the transformative power of coaching.

   - Maximize your effectiveness with an accountability partner.

   - Realize your full potential via the"Constant Pursuit of Excellence."

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Dr. Jeffrey Vaske

Founder & Principal

    © CPE Leadership Solutions, LLC

    A Veteran-owned and operated business!

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