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Your Future is Within Reach!

Achieve Your Ultimate Potential!

Our Company

At College and Career Navigator, we're passionately committed to your future! Our sole mission is to help students make informed decisions about the next phase of life. As higher education costs continue to soar, it's essential for students (and parents) to understand all of their options. 

Whether you're considering traditional college, trade school, or the military, our consulting services will provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision about your future. We're here to advise, coach, guide, mentor, and support you as you make one of the most important decisions of your life! Our knowledge and expertise will help you successfully transition into the next phase of your life!


During Your Consultation We Will:

   - Explore your interests, hobbies, and aspirations.

   - Identify your individual learning style(s).

   - Offer insights about navigating the world of higher education.

   - Provide clarity on student-loan debt and its adverse consequences.

   - Discuss what path might be best for your future (e.g., college, trade school, etc.).


  Each Consultation Includes:

   - Up to two hours of face-to-face consulting time with Dr. Jeffrey Vaske.

   - Individualized advising, coaching, guiding, and mentoring.

   - A copy of the tremendously insightful book:

          A Student's Guide to Acing College: Tips, Tools, and Strategies for Academic Success​​

    Three Reasons to Book Your Consultation:

  1. Ensure a smooth transition into the next phase of your life.

  2. Maximize the return on your investment.

  3. Minimize student-loan debt and its long-term consequences.


     Pricing & Options:

      - $199 per student for individual consulting (1 student, 2 parents).

      - $169 per student for group consulting (2 or more students).

Thank You!

Dr. Jeffrey Vaske

Founder & Principal

© College and Career Navigator, LLC

A Veteran-owned and operated business!

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